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Who We Are

As a family-owned company based in Centennial, Colorado, we’ve helped hundreds sell mineral rights, oil rights, and gas rights. It’s our mission to help families, ranchers, endowments, farmers, retirees, and business owners collect royalties available from the natural resources on their property. Selling mineral rights is an effective way to get more value from your property. At American Minerals, we understand that it’s imperative that our customers get the best possible return when they put up mineral rights for sale. We’re focused on serving our customers effectively, with an eye toward helping them succeed in turning mineral rights into mineral royalties. Our goal is to create customer relationships that are based on satisfaction and long-term success with selling mineral rights, whether for oil, gas, or other in-demand natural resources.

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What We Do

American Minerals works with property owners across the nation, purchasing mineral rights, oil rights, and gas rights. Many property owners find that when they sell mineral rights, the liquidity offered by gas royalties, mineral royalties, or oil royalties allows them to better manage challenging financial situations. To get the best possible return when selling mineral rights, let our experts advise you to make the most informed decision. At American Minerals, we offer easy, simple, transparent options for selling American mineral rights.

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“You all have been very helpful, and we appreciate you.”

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford – Weld County, CO

“They really listened, and that's what made the difference for me.”

Mrs. Gunderson – McKenzie County, ND

“We’re a family and we loved doing business with a family company”

The Grayson Family – Washington County, PA

Our Team

From title disputes to contract negotiations, our experts take care of all the details pertaining to the sale of your mineral rights. We pride ourselves on the service we offer to our customers. At the center of each sale of mineral rights is an experience that is customer-focused and easy to follow. We’ll treat you like family when you sell mineral rights, and walk you through every step of the process. As a leader in mineral rights and royalties, we offer transparency and easy-to-understand information.

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